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For you physics majors,
Dark Star Black Hole A 24 Stellar mass blackhole, fall into its 1969 vintage event horizon and leave this universe.
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In Memorium,
Phil Kramer
Steven Horowitz, THE MAYOR!
Scott Vid (2023)
May the four winds blow them safely home.
Your friends, and there are many, will miss you.
Music from 2005-02-13, XR Bar, NYC.

Listen to WNCW.ORG Ashville NC, Warren's home town. 8 hours of bluegrass every Saturday!

I built my first computer in 1979
This is what it looked like.

BlackBox Shoutcast

A Jerry.


SugarMegs has been somewhat of a long strange trip. SugarMegs set 1 started at the end of 1996 and ran until about 1999-03 when we lost our original free T1.

SugarMegs set 2 was hosted by a large computer company from Redmond Wa. It ran from 5-15-99 through 12-27-99. (They cut off the streaming while I was at the Phish NYE shows in Fla.)

SugarMegs set 3 was a mosaic of hosts and has ended as of the new millenium.

The second show was hosted by iPeer.net until they went out of business and SugarMegs once again lost its hosting.

With the third show we are introducing an enhancement for SugarMegs ftp called "Furthur"
If you are look ing to download mp3, shn or video files be sure to try this program.

The Hippy Channel:

A quote from John Lennon. "Music is everybody's possession. It's only the publishers who think people own it".

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Warren Haynes and myself ~1994

More old photos

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A short Furthur history

A SugarMegs and taping history.

A Mac desktop picture of the 'old' SugarMegs circa early 1997.
Sugarmegs as it first looked in 1997.
Sugarmegs after Pete [the other one] redesigned it just before the "Island Tour" in 4-98. This page shows the posting of the 4-2-98 Nassau Phish show on 4-3-98!

Sugarmegs as it looked from 1998 on
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SugarMegs was the birthplace and root for Etree.org which can trace its beginnings to a Santana shn ftp'd from 'Scuzzi' to 'pete_the_other1'.
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I woke up one morning in November and I realized I love you..
(from Contact, by Phish)
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David Arons Grateful Dead Video site


We are telephone wire
tight and humming
spread about and stretching
some strange vein
across the palm of the land
and feeling the fingertip ache
of almost touching
we sneak through holes in roofs
like mice carrying pieces of paper or
just pieces of us
we are telephone wire
black and thin and knotted
strung up on silent trees
we shake birds free
and dance to the sound of beating wings
by patrick donahue
A statement from Grateful Dead Productions, And why we are here.

An exceptional GD lyric finder.

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HAPPY 4-20 Check out last years revival of a SugarMegs vintage webpage.
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All in a drean, all IN a dream, downloading had begun...

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